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USAA proudly serves millions of military members and their families with insurance, banking and investment services. They already had a service where they would help families match with a real estate agent, but it was handled over the phone. They wanted to create a digital experience, with a focus on mobile, to make this process more accessible and fun!

One of our biggest goals was to streamline the process of filling in information, as the users are probably in a stressful period of their life. Military families tend to have to move around relatively regularly, and sometimes on very short notice. Oftentimes, they are moving somewhere they haven't lived before, and don't have any connections in the area. We wanted to personalize this experience to bring a little reassurance and relief, so the trust they already had in USAA would carry through into this process as well.

One of our bigger tasks was overhauling USAA's existing concepts, and bringing deeper thought and strategy into the process. After ideating through a few ideas (including a Tinder style swipe interaction) we decided on a wizard-style experience, so the user doesn't get stuck filling in field after field on one long page.

Utilizing their comprehensive style guide, I created a rich and straight-foward look and feel, to keep consistency starting at their website, and coming through into this experience. We focused primarly on the mobile experience, but created a comprehensive desktop-based interface as well.

We wanted to take a completely analog experience and create an easy, accessible, and fun experience for a process that can be stressful.

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