Marshfield Clinic

Intranet Discovery & Concept Design

Marshfield Clinic had just finished uniting multiple health businesses into one unified healthcare system. Their nearly 8,000 employees had centralized, their locations were all updated, and their patient experience had been revamped. The final piece was to modernize their intranet. Through vigorous research and auditing of their existing systems, we identified 4 key user types and developed robust findings and recommendations.

Part of our recommendations were providing them with a vision of what their new intranet could look like. Aligned with their recent rebranding, I utilized all of our research to create a streamlined, organized, cohesive, and welcoming look and feel. Creating an environment for some of the most heroic and inspiring people to successfully and efficiently do their job was exhilirating. To date, this was one of my favorite projects!

01. Dashboard
02. Color Scheme & Iconography
03. Desktop Dashboard
04. Employee Profile
05. Mobile Navigation
06. Mobile Dashboard
07. Mobile Search
08. Megamenu Navigation
09. Look-ahead Search