Everest Reinsurance

Intranet Design & Development

Everest is a world leader in property and casualty reinsurance and insurance, and they hired Modus to architect and redesign their intranet.

I wanted to make the designs inviting, bright and fun. Designing for an internal tool really opens up the door to push the envelope regarding the colors and stylistic treatment, so I went for it. We designed a component based system, with repeatable elements to allow for easily duplicated design elements and pages. Every element that made up the page was a module-based component. I worked closely with our IA team to create a purely scalable design system, heavily documented and outlined for our development team. Our primary goal was to create a comprehensive system that could be easily applied by the client to any new pages or content.

01. Initial Moodboards
02. Intranet Dashboard

A punchy color scheme brightened things up.

03. Mobile Benefits Page
03. Benefits & Payroll Page
04. Search Results Page
05. Style Guide & Component System